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Receiving initiations and blessings

The first of these nine preparatory exercises is also known as the «Declaration on the blessings received from the transmission of inaugurations». This first section of the Nine Preparatory Exercises is a kind of guru yoga or union with the Master. It is called «The transmission of initiations that give blessings to the practitioner's mind stream». These initiations come from the Guru's body, speech, and mind to be integrated into one's body, speech, and mind. The moment of union at the end of this practice is the actual guru-yoga. Most of the practices found here are similar to the ninth and final section called «Praying with ardent devotion to gain the blessings of the masters». This last practice is also a kind of guru yoga.


However, the first practice emphasizes the request and reception of the transmission by the master by way of the transmission of initiations. Thus, the blessings of the spiritual energies of inspiration from the body, the speech and the guru's mind are, in the presence of the Master, pooled and integrated into one's own ordinary and worldly achievements of body, speech and mind during the session. The final practice emphasizes the prayer to the Guru with faith and passionate devotion to continue to devote his blessings to the practitioners. Again, at the end of the practice, integration and union with the Master takes place, which is the right guru-yoga.


In this way, through the repeated meditations, one not only holds the connections and spiritual connections with a personal guru in this life, but also with all the other enlightened masters of the past who belong to the different lineages of transmission for Dzogchen.


The repeated meditative process of this union brings the integration within the individual mind-stream with the higher principle of enlightenment into the center of one's own being. As part of one's own meditation practice, through the repetition of guru-yoga at the beginning of each session, the practitioner enters the sacred time and space where the Dzogchen teachings were first revealed in human history. One repeats the archetypal actions of Gyerpungpa, the requesting of the teaching and the receipt of the blessing and the transmission of his own master. One should think that Guru Tapihritsa is actually present in heaven in front of us in the practice and that one actually receives the blessing of wisdom and inspiration from Him.


How to practice guru yoga practice in invocation, visualization and inquiry, receiving the purification of one's own negativity through the elixirs of wisdom and receiving the empowerments of the guru's body, speech and mind is described as follows.