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Tsa Lung Exercises Practice Plan

Overview of the Preparation Plan

The first three days:


The Nine Cleansing Breaths focused on cleansing the Three Root Poisons


Clean the root poison Wrath through the right white channel


Clean the root poison Attachment [craving, greed] through the left, red channel


Clean the root poison Ignorance [self-doubt, lack of confidence] through the blue Central Canal



The next 7 days:


The five Tsa Lung exercises


Crown and throat: clean negative speech (referring to the 10 non-virtuous actions); strengthen weakened senses (sensations)


Heart: cleanse the negative emotions that block the 4 immeasurable and other virtues


Navel: cleansing undigested experiences from coarse to subtle (food or emotional or conceptual blockages to make the maturing and manifesting of positive qualities possible)


Penetrating the connection of the channels: purifying the blocks of growth and expansion from professional success to meditative experiences


Secret Chakra: Purifying bad sexual behavior and trauma


Reflecting on the Nine Prana from coarse to subtle, and studying the Five Root Lung Tables



Our approach to the practices we will be doing in our preparation is to understand the relationship between Channels, Prana and Tigle. We try to open the Chakras - the five Chakras in this case - and the three Channels, and to understand the flow of the Prana in those chakras and Channels. We want to understand the impact of Prana has on the experience of the mind, the qualities of consciousness, and how these qualities will benefit our daily lives, our practice, and finally, our liberation. That will be the goal of our practice.


During the first ten days of our preparation, the practice focuses on the Nine Breathings and Five Tsa Lung exercises. Everyone is encouraged to practice one hour a day and use another to read and reflect on the materials. Tenzin Rinpoche raises many questions in these materials, as his style to teach. Take the opportunity to reflect on these questions and bring them to your practice.