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What does Pranayama mean

Here you can learn more about «Pranayama», the Breathing Exercises in Yoga, how they work and why you should practice «Pranayama».

The practice of «Pranayama» has a very long tradition in Yoga. «Pranayama» is the name for the Breathing Exercises in Yoga. «Ayama» means control, «Prana» has a double meaning. «Prana» means life energy on the one hand and «Prana» also means breath. And on the one hand «Pranayama» is control of breathing, that means Breathing Exercise and on the other hand everything we do to control «Prana», the life energy. So «Pranayama» means on the one hand Breathing Exercise and on the other hand Exercise to Control the Energies.



Pranayama Beginners Course — 5 Weeks




In these five weeks of the «Pranayama Beginners Course», you will learn: The most important «Basic Breathing Techniques» like «Abdominal Breathing» and «Complete Yoga Breathing». You will learn the most important Yoga «Pranayamas» «Kapalabhati» and «Alternate Breathing» as well as other «Pranayamas» like «Bhramari» and «Shitali». An instruction for «Nasal Rinsing» is also included. The voice training at the end of the course with the «Three Chakra Method» and the «Seven Chakra Method» gives your words more power.

There are three videos for each week:


  1. Course Video: Here you will learn in detail how to do the Breathing Exercises. You will get the background information on how «Pranayama» works. And you get tips on how to use the great power of breath in everyday life.
  2. Long Practice Video of 15-30 minutes: With this video you can practice the exercises every day without further theory.
  3. Short Practice Video of 7-15 minutes, helpful if you have less time.


Small Note: For each of the individual Breathing Exercises there are also individual vidoes in this channel. This Breathing Course is designed for 5 weeks. But you can also proceed slower or faster.



Breathing Course for Beginners

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Additional Material — Breathing Course



Pranayama Intermediate Level — 6 Weeks Course


Pranayama Mittelstufe


In the «Pranayama Intermediate Level» we practice Breathing Techniques for more energy, joy of life, mental strength and spiritual opening. Breathing Exercises and «Pranayama Programs» with strong effects. This is the First Course Video of the 6-week «Pranayama Intermediate Course». In this six-week course you will learn many «Pranayama Variations» and practice programs that only few people know about. Sukadev Bretz, founder of Yoga Vidya, shares his rich knowledge of the most subtle aspects of «Pranayama».

The «Pranayama Intermediate Level» lasts six weeks. For each week there are:


  • A «Course Video» with a theoretical part, more detailed explanations of the «Pranayamas» and tips for daily practice in everyday life.
  • A «Long Practice Video» for daily practice.
  • A «Short Practice Video» for the daily practice.
  • Sometimes there are also additional videos.

Pranayama Intermediate Level

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6



Pranayama for Advanced Practitioner - 8 Weeks


Pranayama Fortgeschritten


Advanced Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga is a specialty of Yoga Vidya.

Swami Sivananda, the Sadguru of our tradition, has written a book about it, «The Science of Pranayama». He himself has practiced «Pranayama» intensively throughout his life.

«Pranayama» means mastery over «Prana», the life energy. «Pranayama» are especially the Yoga Breathing Exercises. Whoever does Yoga Breathing Exercises is healthier, has more energy, is more relaxed, has more Charisma and can achieve more.

In this «Pranayama Course for advanced Practitioner» I would like to introduce you to advanced techniques. Advanced, intensive «Pranayama» is not without danger. It is therefore important that you use these techniques responsibly and only practice them if you fulfill the requirements.

Advanced «Pranayama» can lead to various physical, energetic and emotional cleansing experiences, energy awakening experiences, Kundalini experiences and expansion of consciousness. It is important that you know how to deal with this.

The course is scheduled for 8 weeks. For each week there is a Course Video, in which you get a more detailed explanation of the exercises and one or more Practice Videos, with which you can practice daily.


Requirements for this Course:


  • Familiarity with Yoga Vidya Exercise System.
  • Daily practice of 30 minutes of Asanas.
  • 30 minutes Meditation, 30 minutes Pranayama.
  • 30-30-30 rule
  • Abstention from meat, fish, alcohol, tobacco, mind-altering drugs.
  • Advisable: No eggs, onions, garlic, dairy products, mushrooms.
  • Ethics in everyday life.
  • Desire to do good.
  • Desire to experience God.


The exercises instructed here have a strong effect on Prana, Nadis, Chakras, radiation, energy levels, concentration, meditation, Charisma.



  • Uddiyana Bandha, Agni Sara; 5 Rounds Kapalabhati;
  • Learning: Complete Yoga Breathing;
  • Learning: 3 Bandhas, Samanu.
  • Tips for Practice: 3 Rounds of Kapalabhati, 20 min. Alternate Breathing of Yamas and Niyamas.


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Advanced Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Advanced Pranayama — Additional Material