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«Muktasana», literally: «(the sexual organ) releasing (Mukta) position (Asana)», one of the Meditation Positions; Asana in Hatha Yoga, a variant of «Siddhasana», in which both heels below the sexual organ there are, so this remains «free» (Mukta).


LotossitzIn the meditation posture «Muktasana» legs are in front of each other.


This position is described in the «Hatha Yoga Pradipika».



Table of Contents

1 Sukadev about Muktasana
2 Practice Video — Sitting Posture in Muktasana



Sukadev about Muktasana



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Sitting Posture

Practice Video — Sitting Posture Muktasana

Sukadev shows you in this video how you takes to best the Sitting Posture «Muktasana».



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