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OK. The most important exercise cannot be found again in the whole Internet. Has probably gone out of fashion.


KreuzCaution crossing, drive slowly


But that's what you should do after you have relaxed in the Position of Death. We want to call this exercise simply Cross.




Cross Asana

Definition: This is an Asana where you lie on your back and stretch and straighten your legs and arms at a 90 ° angle.


With this Asana, you start to warm up your muscles for the following exercises. It has beneficial effects and improves blood circulation. By tensing and releasing the feeling of relaxation is better perceived. This Asana is highly recommended especially for beginners as it is very easy to do.


Goal: Familiarization with Yoga Practice.



Step 1 — Positioning arms and legs
From the Posture of Dead, put your hands on your stomach. With outstretched fingers, hold the thumb of your left hand between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, the index fingers of both hands touching at the tips. Now bring both arms up; be aware to keep them stretched. Once at the top, lead them, still stretched, behind you, until they lie above your head on the floor behind you. Then bring your legs and arms apart so that they cross diagonally. Relax; be aware to relax the neck as well.


Step 2 — Right arm
Stretch and straighten now your right arm as far as possible. It should be noted that all other limbs remain relaxed. The neck should not be tense again. Stay in this position for at least 5 breathings. It could be that you can stretch a little more, but there should be no pain. Then release the tension slowly, while the arm returning to its original position, which may be slightly angled. Rest your for further 5 breathings.


Step 3 — Left arm
Do the same thing with your left arm.


Step 4 — Left leg
Now stretch your left leg as far forward as possible, while bringing your toes downwards and the heel backwards. After you have arrived in the position, hold it for at least 5 breaths. After 3 breaths, you not only stretch, but also tighten the thigh and calf muscles up to the 5th breath. Rest for 5 more breaths. Maybe it can straighten and stretch a little more here, whereby no pain should arise. Should cramps appear, then let go and do not force the exercise as much; only as strong as it stays pleasant. Remember to keep all other limbs relaxed, including the neck. Then release the tension slowly, whereby the leg goes in a comfortable position.


Step 5 — Right leg
Now do the same with the right leg.


Step 6 — Right arm and left leg
Stretch your right arm and left leg simultaneously as described in steps 2 and 4.


Step 7 — Left arm and right leg
Now do the same with the left arm and the right leg.


Step 8 — Both arms and both legs
Now stretch both arms and both legs at the same time. When in position, hold it for at least 5 breathings. Then release the tension slowly and rest for at least 5 breathings more.



Back in the sitting position

To get into a sitting position bring your hands together as far behind your head as possible. Slowly raise your arms higher while looking straight ahead with your eyes. Thereby, as far as possible, hold your head between your arms. As soon as your hands are pointing straight up (90 degrees), follow them with your eyes, directing your gaze directly towards them as your body rises slowly, vortex for vortex. When your hands are back on your stomach, lift you up completely, whereby keeping your chin pressed against your chest. This could initially be a bit difficult, but it will gradually easier, especially if you are well rested. To do that, you can hold the pants in the Area of your thighs and pull in this way in the sitting position.


Then rest for a moment, sitting with your legs outstretched, hands on your sides, your upper body is straight line stretched upwards.