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«Garudasana», the «Eagle», is named after the legendary mount of Vishnu called Garuda, who had the beak and wings of a bird but the body of a human.




«Garudasana» is an Asana (Yoga Position) from Hatha Yoga that belongs to the 84 main Asanas and the 32 particularly important Asanas. «Garudasana» is one of the simple balance exercises. Within the Yoga Vidya Series, «Garudasana», the «Eagle», can be practiced within the Standing Asanas, for example after «Padahastasana», the «Standing Forward Bend», or after «Vrikshasana», the «Handstand». After Garudasana you can practice further balance exercises, go on to «Trikonasana», the «Triangle», or relax deeply in «Shavasana». Garudasana acts on the legs and arms in a similar way to «Ardha-Matsyendrasana», the «Twisted Seat», on the spine — first one side is turned and pressed and then the other to stimulate the circulation in the limbs.



Table of Contents

1 Instructions for Garudasana
2 The effects of Garudasana

2.1 The physical effect of Garudasana
2.2 The mental effect of Garudasana
2.3 The energetic effect of Garudasana

2.3.1 Particularly addressed Chakras

3 Sukadev about Garudasana, the Position of Garuda

3.1 Garudasana to participate



Instructions for Garudasana


➳Stand upright in «Tadasana» and shift your weight to your left foot.
➳Bend your left knee slightly to get into a slight squatting position.
➳Now wrap your right leg around your left leg like a climbing plant around a tree.
➳Place your left elbow in the right ulna and bring your palms together, put your fingers in the Kalimudra.
➳If possible, crouch a little deeper.
➳Bring your elbows to shoulder or face level in front of your body.
➳Feel the stretch in the upper back and between the shoulder blades.
➳Keep «Garudasana» and then switch sides.


In addition to the Asana, «Swami Sivananda» wrote: If you are now standing as described above, slowly bend forward and try to touch the floor with the toe of your leg, which is wrapped around. This is the only way to achieve the full effect of this Asana. You can also ask someone to help you if you bend down. Both legs must be bent. During the Asana you can do Basti (colon cleansing with water).



The effects of Garudasana

The physical effect of Garudasana

«Garudasana» developed an equilibrium exercise which develops flexibility in the hips, legs and shoulders, as well as stretches and relaxes «Garudasana» the neck and shoulders. «Garudasana» also helps to stretch and relax the lower back. «Garudasana» strengthens the legs, calves, hands, bones and also stretches the hands. This Asana promotes growth and strengthens the kidneys and nerves. «Garudasana» helps hip problems and rheumatism in the hands and legs to heal, and improves and strengthens the spine bones. It also helps hernias, varicose veins and swollen testicles to heal. In this Asana, the entire body weight is on one leg, which strengthens the leg muscles.

Squeezing the arms and legs in this Asana improves circulation and increases awareness of the extremities to the fingers and toes. In «Kukkutasana», on the other hand, there is a lot of weight on both hands. The nerves and bones of the legs and hands are strengthened. Hands and legs are stretched. Practicing this Asana can promote growth. The nerves and kidneys are also strengthened. Discomfort in the hip, rheumatism in the legs and hands are healed. The bones of the spine are improved and strengthened. An inguinal hernia or swollen testicles can also be healed. Strong muscles are formed in the calves.



The mental effect of Garudasana

«Garudasana» helps you develop serenity and balance, allowing you to find better self-centering to feel like a master of your own life.



The energetic effect of Garudasana

«Garudasana» is a stabilizing and harmonizing Asana.

Especially addressed Chakras


➳«Ajna Chakra»



Sukadev about Garudasana, the Position of Garuda



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Garudasana to participate



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