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«Bhujangasana» is the posture (Asana) of a «Cobra» (Bhujanga). «Bhugangasana» is an Asana in Hatha Yoga that belongs to the 84 Main Asanas and the 6th Asana of the 12 Basic Postures of the Yoga Vidya Series, which is practiced in the context of the «Backbends». «Bhujangasana» is an exercise for strengthening the back and opening the heart. This is an energetically very activating Asana that gives you a feeling of openness and freedom.



Table of Contents

1 Instruction for Bhujangasana

1.1 Get into the Position

2 Effects of Bhujangasana

2.1 Physical Effects

2.1.1 Stretched Muscles
2.1.2 Strengthened Muscles

2.2 Energetic Effects
2.3 Particularly addressed Chakras
2.4 Mental Effects

3 Swami Sivananda on the Bhujangasana

3.1 Method
3.2 Benefit

4 Sukadev on the Bhujangasana
5 5 Exercise Video Cobra: Basic Position with Counter Position

5.1 Practical Instruction for the Cobra: Basic Position with Counter Position
(excerpt from a complete Yoga Beginners Lesson)

6 Exercise Variations for the Cobra

6.1 Cobra: Variant Hands on Back — Practical Instruction
(excerpt from a Yoga Beginners Lesson)



Instruction for Bhujangasana




  • The Starting Position is the Abdominal Position.
  • Close your legs and apply gentle pressure on the ground with the back of your feet.
  • Place your hands under your shoulders, with your fingertips pointing forward and flush with your shoulders.
  • Now lift your upper body from ground and strive forward and upward with your sternum.
  • Pull your shoulder blades together downwards, opening your chest.
  • Your arms lie close to your body and help you to straightening.



Get into the Position


Stellung 1Put your hands under your shoulders, forehead on the floor …


Stellung 2Push your head forward. Shoulder blades backwards, lift the head, tense the buttocks …


Stellung 3… go on as far as it is comfortable. …


Stellung 4… Only advanced …


Stellung 5… go even further.



Effects of Bhujangasana

Physical Effects

The back muscles are massaged and strengthened. The pressure applied to the abdomen works to relieve constipation. «Bhujangasana» is also good against various diseases of the female genital organs.

Stretched muscles

  • Pectoralis (chest muscles)
  • Rectus Abdomini (straight abdominal muscles)
  • Neck Muscles
  • Possibly Psoas (hip flexors)


Strengthened muscles

  • Longissimus (back extensor)
  • Trapezius (capillary muscle)
  • Possibly Latissimus (broad back muscles)
  • Gluteus (Buttocks)
  • Triceps (arm extensors)



Energetic Effects

«Bhujangasana» activates and energizes. Energy flows up both in the front and up the spine.


Particularly addressed Chakras

  • Anahata
  • Vishuddha
  • Ajna



Mental Effects

«Bhujangasana» opens and liberates. It gives courage to high ideals. It frees you from fear and gives you new self-confidence.



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Swami Sivananda on the Bhujangasana

«Bhujanga» means «Cobra» in Sanskrit. When performed in this position, the raised head and torso of the erect hood resemble a cobra. That is why it is called «Bhujangasana».


SivanandaSwami Sivananda — Great Yoga Master of the 20th century




Put a mat on the floor. Lie flat with your face down, the back up. Relax all muscles. Feel comfortable. Place your palms on the floor, just below your shoulders and elbows. Let the body touch the ground from the navel down to the toes. Slowly raise your head and torso, just as the cobra lifts its hood. Bend your spine backwards. Now the muscles of the back and lumbar region are well stretched. The internal abdominal pressure is also increased. Then slowly bring the head down to its original position. When you first lie face down on the floor, your chin is pressed against your chest. The chin lock is implemented. Repeat the process of raising and lowering your head half a dozen times. Breathe slowly through your nose continuously. Hold your breath until you have correctly performed the head lift and spine flexion. Then you can breathe out slowly. Then hold your breath as you lower your head. As soon as the head hits the ground, start breathing slowly again.



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«Bhujangasana» bends the spine backwards (back curvature) while «Sarvangasana» and «Halasana» bend it forwards (front curvature). This relieves a hunched back and hunchback, back pain, disc damage and also muscle tensions. It increases the internal abdominal pressure and brings the accumulated fecal matter from the transverse colon to the rectum. Therefore, it eases constipation. It increases body warmth and resolves various types of discomfort. It awakens the Kundalini that slumbers in the «Muladhara Chakra». She gives a good appetite.

«Bhujangasana» is especially valuable for women as it stimulates the ovaries and the uterus. It is a powerful toning. It helps with amenorrhea (lack of menstruation), dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual bleeding), leucorrhea (white flow) and various other uterine-ovarian diseases. It maintains good blood circulation in these areas and is more powerful than Aleteris Cordial. Births become spontaneous and easy.



Sukadev on the Bhujangasana



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Exercise Video Cobra: Basic Position with Counter Position

Practical Instruction for the Cobra: Basic Position with Counter Position (excerpt from a complete Yoga Beginners Lesson)

The «Cobra» including its counter-position in a Yoga Lesson: Sukadev guides you both in the Basic Position of the «Cobra» and in a counter position for relaxation.



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Exercise Variations for the Cobra

Cobra: Variant Hands on Back — Practical Instruction (excerpt from a Yoga Beginners Lesson)

Variant of the «Cobra» from a Yoga Session: Sukadev guides you to a variant of the «Cobra».



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