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Trikonasana — Triangle

«Trikonasana» means the «Triangle Posture». As a Sanskrit term, «Trikonasana» consists of three words: «Tri», «Kona» and «Asana». «Tri» means three. «Kona» means corner and «Asana» means Position. «Trikonasana» is therefore the «Triangle Posture» in a Yoga Session, usually simply named as «Triangle». «Trikonasana» is an Asana (Yoga Posture) from Hatha Yoga that is one of the 84 main Asanas and the twelve Basic Postures of the Yoga Vidya Series. It stretches and strengthens your torso and increases the flexibility of your hips and legs. «Trikonasana» also mobilizes the entire spine.


TrikonasanaThe «Triangle» harmonizes body, mind and soul and promotes «Agni».



Table of Contents

1 Instruction for Trikonasana
2 Effects of Trikonasana

2.1 Physical Effects

2.1.1 Stretched Muscles

2.2 Mental Effects
2.3 Energetic Effects

2.3.1 Chakras Particularly Addressed

3 Swami Sivananda explains Trikonasana as follows

3.1 Effects

4 Sukadev on Trikonasana
5 Trikonasana/Triangle Posture — Practical Instructions

5.1 Exercise Video in which Sukadev instructs Trikonasana or the Triangle Exercise
5.2 Further Exercise Videos

5.2.1 Trikonasana, the Triangle — Yoga Exercise to Participate
5.2.2 Trikonasana — Yoga Triangle Variations
5.2.3 BKS Iyengar in Trikonasana
5.2.4 Hero Triangle and Trikonasana



Instruction for Trikonasana

«Trikonasana» is most effective when done with your eyes closed. «Trikonasana» you can do anytime, for example at your workplace, even in front of your PC, in fact anywhere. When you do «Trikonasana» with very conscious breathing, you can feel a lot of new power.




  • Hold your arm extended by the ear and remain in «Trikonasana»
  • Breathe in and out deeply and feel your right side
  • Breathe in comfortably and hold the breath as long as it is comfortable
  • Feel how new energy and power will be activated in you
  • Exhale and with the next inhalation raise your arm and torso
  • Exhale and lower your right arm again next to your body
  • Trace «Trikonasana» and repeat the same with your left arm



Effects of Trikonasana

Physical Effects

«Trikonasana» stimulates the appetite, helps the intestines to work and aids digestion, it also massages the liver and stimulates the flow of bile, the trunk and back muscles becomes flexible. With «Trikonasana» you can prevent back pain.

Stretched Muscles

  • Obliquus
  • Transversus Abdomini (oblique abdominal muscles)
  • Latissimus (broad back muscles)
  • Trizeps (arm extensors)


Mental Effects

«Trikonasana» helps to open up to new things and see things from a different perspective.



Energetic Effects

«Trikonasana» gets the energy flowing in the body and helps to harmonize it.

Chakras Particularly Addressed
Through «Trikonasana» all Chakras in the «Sushumna» are addressed.


  • Sahasrara Chakra
  • Ajna Chakra
  • Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Manipura Chakra
  • Svadhisthana Chakra
  • Muladhara Chakra



Swami Sivananda explains Trikonasana as follows

Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Now spread your arms wide out to the side at shoulder height. The arms must be parallel to the ground You may know this part of the exercise from the gym class. Now slowly bend you to the right. It is important to push through the right knee strongly. Touch the toes of the right foot with the fingers of the right hand. Bend the head a little to the right. It can touch the right shoulder. Now stretch the left arm upward. Stay in this Posture for 2 to three minutes. Breathe slowly. And then practice this on the left side. The fingers of the left hand touch the left toes. Stretch the right arm upward as before. Practice this 3 to 6 times on each side.




This Asana causes a good lateral stretching of the spine. It is helpful for «Arda Matsyendrasana» and a good prerequisite for «Matsyendrasana». If you have a healthy spine, you can sit for several hours in your Meditation or in an Asana without getting tired. For a Yogi, the spine or «Meru Danda» is a great thing because it is connected to the spinal canal and the sympathetic nervous system.

In the spine there is the «Sushumna Nadi» which plays a great role in the rising of the «Kundalini». This Asana affects the spinal nerves and the abdominal organs, it strengthens the peristalsis of the intestines and promotes the digestive fire («Agni»). It relieves constipation. The body feels lighter. People who suffer from leg shortening due to a broken hip or femur or other bone (tibia or fibula) will benefit from this Asana. In fact, it has a leg lengthening effect. Krishna Kumur Bhargava, an advocate from Sitapur, practiced this Asana for three months. His legs became longer and he was able to walk a few kilometers further.

Swami Sivananda also writes:
«Trikonasana» — The «Triangle» — strengthens the spinal nerves and the abdominal organs, increases the peristaltic movement of the intestines and stimulates the desire to eat. Constipation is cured by «Trikonasana».

The body becomes light through «Trikonasana». Those who have a shortened leg due to a fracture of the hip bones or the upper or lower leg, respectively, will benefit greatly from this Asana. The muscles of the trunk are tightened, relaxed and stretched. This movement keeps the spine springy. The «Trikonasana Exercise» keeps the spine healthy and thoroughly strengthens the spinal nerves.



Sukadev on Trikonasana



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Trikonasana/Triangle Posture — Practical Instructions

Exercise Video in which Sukadev instructs Trikonasana or the Triangle Exercise

Here Sukadev instructs you to the Yoga Exercise of «Trikonasana» or the «Triangle» and shows you how to perform this exercise optimally and body-fitting.



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Further Exercise Videos

Trikonasana, the Triangle — Yoga Exercise to Participate



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Trikonasana — Yoga Triangle Variations



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BKS Iyengar in Trikonasana



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Hero Triangle and Trikonasana



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