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Adhvasana — Abdominal Relaxation Position

Relaxes your back and gives you the feeling of security and safety

The «Abdominal Relaxation Position» («Adhvasana») is used in the Yoga Vidya Series before, between and after the «Back Bends» such as «Cobra» («Bhujangasana»), «Locust» («Shalabhasana») and «Arch» («Dhanurasana») taken so that the back muscles can recover.



Table of Contents

1 Instruction

1.1 Physical Effect
1.2 Energetic Effect
1.3 Mental Effect

2 Variations




For «Adhvasana», Sanskrit for «Abdominal Relaxation Position», lie flat on the ground with your abdomen and chest on the ground. Place your arms on the ground, palms downward. Straighten the body well. In the Basic Prone Position are the big toes together, the heels fall loosely outward. The elbows face outward and the hands form a pillow. You can put your forehead or one temple on it. First put your right cheek on the ground for a while and then your left.

If this is not comfortable for you, you can alternatively put your arms under one cheek, in front of your head or next to your body. To find your individual position, just try several variants until you find the one that works best for you.



Physical Effect

The «Abdominal Relaxation Position» relaxes the whole body. Breathing deeply into the abdomen, the abdominal organs get a good massage.



Energetic Effect

The Abdominal Relaxation Position» connects one with the energy field of the earth. Thus, the whole energy field is regenerated and harmonized. Especially «Muladhara, Manipura and Anahata Chakra» are harmonized.



Mental Effect

Through the intense contact and connection with Mother Earth comes a feeling of security.





  1. Place the hands in front of the head.
  2. Arms next to the body. Try out which hand position is most relaxing for you.
  3. «Baby Krishna Position», also called «Stable Side Position»: Bend one knee, put one hand under your head, give the other arm along your body. Indicated in the last months of pregnancy as for as for some back problems.

    Baby Krishna

  4. «Variation of Baby Krishna Position»: arms next to the head, forearms parallel.

    Baby Krishna Paralell