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Tadasana — Mountain Posture


«Tadasana», the «Mountain Posture»(Tada-Asana) or also called «Standing Posture», is an Asana in Hatha Yoga. Tada means, among other things, mountain. Asana means position. There are various Asanas that are called «Tadasana». Especially in Iyengar yoga, the «Upright Standing Posture» with legs closed is called «Tadasana».



Table of Content

1 Sukadev on Tadasana — the Mountain Posture

1.1 Standing Posture, relaxing — Practical Instruction (excerpt from a complete Yoga Beginners Lesson)

2 Instructions for Tadasana
3 Tadasana: Standing steadily like a mountain
4 Benefits of the Mountain Posture



Sukadev on Tadasana — the Mountain Posture



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Standing Posture, relaxing — Practical Instruction (excerpt from a complete Yoga Beginners Lesson)

«Relaxing Standing Posture» of a Yoga Lesson: Sukadev instructs you to the «Relaxing Standing Posture».



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Instructions for Tadasana

Both feet stand side by side at the same height, either closed or a little apart. The toes are lifted briefly and spreaded apart put down again. Then, first feel deeply into the contact of the feet with the ground, and then distribute the body weight evenly on the three points of contact of both feet, the ball of the big toe, the ball of the little toe, and the heel.


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«Tadasana» is an upright body posture with an elongated back. Thereby it is important to tilt the pelvis slightly forward and avoid a hollow back. The legs are loose and especially the knees are very slightly bent, that means not pushed through. To achieve an ideal posture in the upper back, the shoulders are lifted, pushed backward and then loosely dropped backward and downward.

The head is thus in the extension of the spine. At the same time you can also imagine that it is suspended on the sky at the center of the vertex with an invisible thread. Arms and hands hang relaxed beside the body. The face is relaxed, the eyes closed. The «Mountain Posture» is a position of complete calmness and concentration. It symbolizes the connection and flow between heaven and earth.

«Tadasana» improves the body posture, trains the back muscles and relieves the spine and hips. It also strengthens inner stability and steadiness. Regular practice of the «Mountain Posture» improves charisma and feel of self-worth. «Tadasana» calms and stabilizes the mind, brings new energy and concentration.



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Tadasana: Standing steadily like a mountain

Standing straight and upright is a simple yet profound action. It enabels you to connect with the earth energy and direct it upward. You ground yourself and you feel that you are fully present in your own body. «Tadasana» is the perfect foundation upon which you can build a regular practice. As you hold the position, your feet grounding you and your body extends toward the sky.


  1. Stand upright with your feet directly under your hips and keep your knees straight.
  2. Lift your toes and spread them wide apart without lifting the foot itself. Bring them back to the ground.
  3. Close your eyes and notice the energy exchange between your feet and the earth. Maybe you can find it helpful to visualize yourself putting roots into the earth to absorb the energy into your body.
  4. Feel the energy flowing upward into your legs. Notice your lower legs above your heels. Make sure your knees are straight, but not pushed through.
  5. Make sure your hips are straight as the energy flows into your torso. Imagine that you are pushing your tailbone forward toward your pelvic bone.
  6. Let your arms hang relaxed beside your body, elbows in a soft extension. Make sure your chest is directed upward, your spine is upright, and your shoulders are relaxed. It can feel as if your collarbones are wider apart.
  7. Keep your head upright and your chin parallel to the ground. Look straight ahead.
  8. Breathe deeply and hold «Tadasana» while you constantly checking the straight posture of your body.


Practice «Tadasana» for as long as you like. It is suitable as a stand-alone exercise and also as a starting point for other exercises.



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Benefits of the Mountain Posture


  • Physical and mental balance are promoted.
  • You become aware of your posture and the straightening of your spine.
  • Your connection to the earth and its energies becomes intensely perceptible.