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Yoga Beginners Course 10 weeks — Second Week

2nd Week of the Course


2A Yoga Beginners Course 2nd Class


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The Second Class of the ten week Yoga Beginner Course, consisting of theory and practice. Sukadev repeats the Basics of Yoga and talks about Yoga Body Exercises: Relaxation Exercises, Warm-Up Exercises, Asanas (Postures). He gives you important tips for your own practice.


Afterwards Sukadev and Kerstin will guide you to the practice: initial relaxation, crocodile exercises for back relaxation, eye exercises, energy exercises, exercises for relaxing shoulders and neck, sun salutation in a simple variation, abdominal muscle exercises, calf stretching, inclined plane, cobra, swivel seat, triangle, classic Yoga Vidya deep relaxation, OM, Mantra. This beginners lesson as a webseite.



2B Yoga Beginners Course 2nd Practice Lesson


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The second complete practical lesson of the ten-week «Yoga Vidya Beginners Course». Special focus: sun salutation. With this video you can practice every day. Sukadev will guide you in this 70-minute yoga class to the exercises you learned in the second class.


Kerstin shows the exercises. You practice: initial relaxation, crocodile exercises for relaxation of the lower back, abdominal breathing, eye exercises, relaxation exercises for the shoulder and neck, slow and systematic sun salutation, abdominal muscle exercise, forward bending, inclined plane for back strengthening, cobra for back strengthening, stomach relaxation, grasshopper for the lower back , Position of the child, swivel seat, triangle for lateral expansion, thorough deep relaxation, OM.



2C Yoga Vidya Beginners Course 2. Short Practice Video


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A 19-minute short yoga practice — ideal for practicing what you learned in the second class of the 10-week «Yoga Vidya Beginner Course». 19 minutes for relaxation and new power. Sukadev will guide you to standing upright position (Tatasana), sun salutation (Surya Namaskar), turning, deep relaxation.