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Yoga Beginners Course 10 Weeks — Fifth Week

5th Course Week

5A Yoga Lesson — Yoga Vidya Beginner Course Week 5


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The Yoga Vidya Basic Series in gentle variation, followed by many practical tips for practicing Yoga. This Yoga Session is gentler than the Yoga Session of the fourth week. This Yoga Series is the most popular Yoga style in the in English speaking countries. This is the 5th course hour of the 10-week «Yoga Vidya Beginners Course». It lasts almost 2 hours. Kerstin and Sukadev will instruct you to: Initial Relaxation. Sitting on a chair: OM and Mantra. Eye Exercises, Alternating Breathing, Neck and Throat Exercises for strong and relaxed shoulders and neck. Sun Salutation in a gentle variation. Crocodile Exercises for a relaxed back. Abdominal Exercises. Position of the Child, Dog. Relaxation with Bent Knees. Shoulder Stand. Plough with Chair. Fish. Forward Bend with blanket. Inclined Plane. Abdominal Relaxation. Cobra. Locust. Cat. Twisted Seat. Gentle Standing Forward Bend. Tree, Triangle. Deep Relaxation: Tense and Let Go, Autosuggestion for relaxation, Relaxation of the Inner Organs, Fantasy Journey to a flower meadow. OM and Mantra. After the Yoga hour Sukadev gives many practical tips for your own practice.


Practitioners: Kerstin. Concept, Speaker: Sukadev Bretz. Camera: Falko. Cut: Lars.



5B Yoga Beginners Course Practice Lesson 33 minutes


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Medium-Length Practice Video of the Fifth Week of the ten-week Yoga Beginners Course. 33 minutes Flow-Yoga: You glide from one Asana to the next without Intermediate Relaxation. Sukadev and Kerstin guide you to OM, Mantra, Alternating Breathing, Sun Salutation, Abdominal Muscle Exercise, Crocodile, Shoulder Stand, Plough, Fish, Forward Bend, Inclined Plane, Cobra, Locust, Bow, Four Footed Stand, Cat, Child Position, Twisted Seat, Standing Forward Bend, Triangle, Classic Yoga Deep Relaxation, OM, Mantra.



5C Short Yoga Lesson: Sun Salutation And relaxation — 5th week Yoga Vidya Beginners Course


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A 12-minute dynamic Yoga Session for daily practice: 12 rounds of Sun Salutation, followed by Deep Relaxation. The Short Practice Video of the 5th week of the 10-week «Yoga Vidya Beginners Course». This video is part of an entire course: so you should already know the Sun Prayer before you practice with this video. No explanations — only instructions for the Yoga Practice. This video is not only suitable for beginners: anyone who is looking for instructions for a Short Yoga Practice can benefit from it: advanced Yoga beginners, intermediate and advanced. The Sun Salutation are guided with (1) Exercise Instructions (2) Affirmations for mental development (3) Surya Mantras — musical. Deep Relaxation: Tense and Let Go, Body Scan: You move through your body from bottom to top. Then you feel yourself as a whole from your toes to your head. Supported by Mother Earth, inspired by Father Sky. Connectedness, joy, relaxation. OM.