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Yoga Beginners Course 10 Weeks — Seventh Week

7th Course Week

7A Yoga Beginners Course 7th course hour


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The seventh lesson of the ten-week «Yoga Vidya Beginners Course». Advices on Yoga nutrition: Vegetarian, wholefood. Healthy, ecological, delicious, compassionate, energizing. Good for body, mind and soul. You get more tips on Kapalabhati and learn the basics of the Headstand. If you cannot / do not want to do the Headstand, you will get other exercises that can replace the Headstand. Sukadev and Kerstin guide you to the following exercises: OM, Mantra, Kapalabhati, Alternating Breathing, Sun Salutation, Navasana Oblique Abdominal Exercises, Position of the Child. Headstand with detailed explanations, Half Headstand. Headstand Preliminary Exercises: Elbowstand, Dolphin, Dog, Dynamic Dog. Shoulderstand, Plough, Fish. Half Forward Bend, Lateral Inclined Plane, Cobra, Bird, Position of the Child, Swivel Seat. Deep Relaxation «Yoga Nidra Variation»: Relaxation of Expansion. OM, Short Meditation with Silence, Mantra.



7B Full Yoga Practice Hour — Learn the Headstand


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Practice the Headstand and the Preliminary Exercises. And feel new strength and inspiration through a full Yoga Class. Sukadev and Kerstin will guide you through the following exercises: OM, Gajananam-Mantra, Kapalabhati, Alternating Breathing, Sun Salutation, Oblique Abdominal Exercise, Position of the Child, Extensive Steps into Headstand, Shoulderstand, Plough, Fish, One Legged Forward Bend, Hip Flexibility Exercises: Butterfly, Lateral Inclined Plane, Cobra, Position of the Child, Swivel Seat, Deep Relaxation via Sensing: Relaxation in Expansion as a variation of Yoga Nidra. Short Meditation on the third eye. The whole Yoga Class has as a further focus the activation of the Chakras (energy centers) by means of directing the consciousness to the energy regions of the body.



7C Short Practice Video 7th week Yoga Vidya Beginners Course


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Kapalabhati, Sun Salutation, precisely instructed Headstand, Position of the Child, Rotation, Back Bend, Deep Relaxation of Expansion.