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Yoga Beginners Course 10 Weeks — Ninth Week

9th Course Week

9A Yoga Lesson with Introduction into Meditation


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The ninth Lesson of the 10-week «Yoga Beginners Course». Sukadev talks about Meditation, guides you to a short Meditation. Then Kerstin shows you the Breathing Exercises Kapalabhati, Alternate Breathing. Then follow the Classical Yoga Exercises with emphasis on Forward Bends: Sun Salutation, Leg Exercises with lying Forward Bend, Headstand, Shoulderstand, Plow Variation, Fish, one-legged Forward Bend, double-sided Forward Bend, Inclined Plane, lateral Inclined Plane, Cobra, Locust, Bow, Position of the Child, Twisted Seat, different variations of standing Forward Bend, Triangle. Deep Relaxation with the suggestions of Autogenic Training. Meditation, OM, Blessings.



9B Long Practice Video


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Yoga Lesson with emphasis on Forward Bends. Deep Relaxation with Autogenic Training. Short Meditation at the end. Sukadev and Kerstin will lead you in the following exercises: Initial Relaxation, Kapalabhati, Alternate Breathing 4:16:8, Sun Salutation, Abdominal Exercises, supine Splits, Dog, Headstand, Shoulderstand, Plow Variation, Fish, single leg Forward Bend, double leg Forward Bend, Inclined Plane, lateral Inclined Plane, Cobra, Locust, Bow, Twisted Seat, standing Forward Bend, Triangle Variations, Deep Relaxation with Autogenic Training, Meditation.



9C Short Yoga Lesson Focus: Forward Bends


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19-minute Yoga Lesson for more flexibility. Sukadev and Kerstin guide you to: Kapalabhati Breathing Exercise. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) also with Gayatri Mantra, also with forward bending variations, Lying Splits, Plow, Fish, seated Forward Bend. Cobra, Crocodile Twist, Deep Relaxation with the short form of Autogenic Training.



9D Meditation — Short Video of the Ninth Lesson of the Yoga Vidya Beginners Course


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A Meditation Instruction for inner peace and relaxation. Sukadev guides you through the different steps of Meditation: assuming the position, Relaxation, Breathing, Affirmation, Chakra Activation, Mantra. This Meditation is also called «Combined Mantra Meditation». More info on Meditation