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Pranayama Beginners Course — 1. Week


Pranayama Anfaenger


In these five weeks of the «Pranayama Beginners Course», you will learn: The most important «Basic Breathing Techniques» like «Abdominal Breathing» and «Complete Yoga Breathing». You will learn the most important Yoga «Pranayamas» «Kapalabhati» and «Alternate Breathing» as well as other «Pranayamas» like «Bhramari» and «Shitali». An instruction for «Nasal Rinsing» is also included. The voice training at the end of the course with the «Three Chakra Method» and the «Seven Chakra Method» gives your words more power.

There are three videos for each week:


  1. Course Video: Here you will learn in detail how to do the Breathing Exercises. You will get the background information on how «Pranayama» works. And you get tips on how to use the great power of breath in everyday life.
  2. Long Practice Video of 15-30 minutes: With this video you can practice the exercises every day without further theory.
  3. Short Practice Video of 7-15 minutes, helpful if you have less time.


Small Note: For each of the individual Breathing Exercises there are also individual vidoes in this channel. This Breathing Course is designed for 5 weeks. But you can also proceed slower or faster.


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Breathing Course for Beginners — Lesson 1

1A Breathing Course for Beginners — First Lesson



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This is a Breathing Course for Beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge of Yoga. This Breathing Course, «Yoga Pranayama 1», is also suitable for you if you have previous knowledge of Yoga and you want to deepen the Breathing Exercises. If you have practiced a style of Yoga in which «Pranayama» played no or only a minor role, you will be excited by the effects of the Yoga Breathing Exercises. If you like to meditate, Breathing Exercises will give your meditation a new depth. This Breathing Course is also suitable for you if you do not want to practice any further Yoga Exercises.

In the first Breathing Course Video you learn:


  • Effect of Pranayama
  • Physiology of Respiration
  • Importance of Abdominal Breathing
  • Alternate Breathing
  • Bhramari, the Yoga Bee



1B Long Practice Video 1st Week: Abdominal Breathing, gentle Alternate Breathing, Bhramari



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Abdominal Breathing, Alternate Breathing in the rhythm 4 : 4 : 8 and Bhramari, the Yoga Bee: These are the four Breathing Exercises that Sukadev and Ananta guide you to. This is the «Long Practice Video» of the first week of the «Yoga Vidya Breathing Course for Beginners». To learn these exercises, follow the instructions on the video «1A Breathing Course for Beginners First Lesson».



1C Short Practice Video 1st Week: Alternate Breathing 4 : 4 : 8



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A «Short Practice Video» to practice the most important Yoga Breathing Exercise in a gentle way: Sukadev and Ananta guide you to the «Alternate Breathing» in the gentle rhythm 4 : 4 : 8, which is the Short Practice Video of the first week of the 5-week «Yoga Vidya Breathing Course for Beginners».